This is Change Builders, the creative learning, sustainability and change consultancy.

From individual development to human resource strategies, sustainable development to organisational evolutions, we're partners in building change through consultancy services and innovative workshops.

We believe sustainable organisations achieve success with strategies underpinned by genuine caring for their business, their people, their environment and their society…we help make this possible.

Consulting - simple conversations that lead to sustainable change.

Successful relationships are based on good conversations. This is where all of our consulting engagements begin.


We have conversations with people to understand their individual or organisation's needs and then partner in building long lasting solutions.


Learning - a life skill and should be a part of everyone’s story.

We believe in people, their capacity to learn, change, and evolve, and we develop creative ways to make that happen.


Put simply we just love learning and sharing knowledge with others. Everyone’s got a story…we help people make theirs one they love to tell.

Sustainability - a simple and rewarding approach to business and life.

Sustainability is a simple concept…it’s about pursuing your individual or organisational needs without preventing others, today or in the future from meeting theirs.


We’re very comfortable with sustainability and help individuals and businesses build their sustainable development stories. These are usually underpinned by strategies to improve relationships with employees & their families, supply chain & other stakeholders, customers, local communities and society generally. 

People & Culture - developing & supporting people to achieve business goals.

We know people make all the difference to a business. The key is knowing where your organisation is heading and how to motivate individuals and teams to help you get there.


The world is changing and so if you haven't changed your people story for a while it's probably time.


We help organisations evolve their people story through the development of contemporary people strategies designed to support the achievement of business objectives.